Astro Cabs Project: Request for Proposal

Astro Cabs is the nation's oldest cab company, dating back 150 years when it got its start transporting generals of the Confederacy. Our motto, "Giving You the Ride of Your Life", traces back to those early days of dangerous manuevers across enemy lines. Astro Cabs prides itself on continuing to provide safe service through urban battlegrounds, risking other people's lives to get you there on time.

To celebrate our 150 years of quality service, Astro Cabs is a announcing a new division of the company. *CabMan* is a revolutionary service destined to sweep major cities throughout the world, and bound to turn Detroit on its ear. CabMan provides customers with their own personal cab service, whenever and wherever they are. Our target market will be customers who want the luxury of taking a cab everywhere, but can't afford the fares. For a minimal initiation fee and low monthly payments, customers can keep a CabMan in their own possesion. Traveling from destination to destination quickly and in comfort, without having to worry about hailing a cab, parking one's car, or tipping a driver. Through advanced technology, CabMan responds electronically to its owner's personal password command. At the touch of a button, the CabMan will arrive within 5 minutes of request time and transport its owner to any destination.

In order to promote this new service and Astro Cabs' traditional cab service, we are conducting an RFP review. Over the next few weeks, we will review responses and select a design firm to produce the Astro Cabs web site, featuring the CabMan service. We will be looking for the highest level of design and technical expertise exhibited by the contractors, as well as an understanding on their part of Astro Cab's unique position in the transportation industry with the introduction of CabMan.

All contractors must sign the confidentiality contract enclosed if they wish to continue with the proposal process. Once a vendor is selected, Astro Cabs may require all participating employees of the awarded firm to undergo minor background reviews and testing similar to those conducted within the US government.

The web site is scheduled to launch in three months. You have three days to reply.

The goals of the new Astro Cabs web site:

1. Highlight and feature CabMan, a revolutionary new service offered by Astro Cabs 2. Promote Astro Cabs as a reliable cab service available in major cities throughout the US - it is a top directive of the company to re-establish cab transportation as the safest, cleanest, and most pleasant way to travel. The web site mustsupport this directive.
3. Use cutting-edge Internet technologies such as QTVR, VRML and Shockwave -- CabMan is a revolutionary service and we want the site to prove it!
4. Attract potential CabMan customers from the very first page as well as make a fast entry for impatient Astro Cab customers
5. Provide potential customers with useful cab-related history, information, tips and tricks, trivia and FAQs.
6. Spotlight the various CabMan features and models.
7. Provide a way for Astro customers to talk to us.
9. Build a database of potential customers.
10.Create an electronic purchasing system.


Astro Cabs has a great deal of printed material that can utilized on this web site. The bimonthly newsletter, *Meter's Running* should provide a significant amount of content that helps define what Astro Cabs, and its drivers, is all about. We also recommend the contracted firm to meet with drivers and develop content from this valuable resource. It should be noted that Astro Cabs is not responsible for any fares charged during these discussions or any conflicts between drivers and passengers.

Design Considerations

1. Create a navigation system that reinforces the ease of using Astro Cabs or CabMan and provides organized access to the web site
2. Design graphics that are both historical and futuristic to represent Astro Cabs great past and introduce its exciting future.
3. Since CabMan is a new service, introducing the brand should be the most important part of the web site. Advertising the company in an attractive way to potential Astro Cab and CabMan customers will be the most crucial part of building a successful web site.
Your response must include a detailed description of all tasks involved in completing this project, with costs included for each major step involved. Please include detailed descriptions of all team members, with backgrounds and driving records if possible. We feel it is important to assemble a team that is intimately knowledgeable about the details of urban transportation and has a personal stake in the success of such a project as CabMan.

By September 23, 1997, please deliver 10 copies of your response to.......

We are looking forward to hearing your ideas.


Astro Cabs