Memorandum of Engagement
This Memorandum of Engagement is made on
between ____________________________ ("Client),
whose offices are located at _________________
and (Studio Name) ("Contractor"), whose offices are located at 555 Seventh Street, Suite 1000, San Francisco, California 90000.
    The purpose of this Memorandum of Engagement is to precede a possible longer term contract arrangement in which planning documents, deliverables, and site requirements are produced.
1. Services To Be Performed. The Contractor agrees to perform the following services for Client including but not limited to: consulting, strategic planning, information gathering, working on project description for a site design contract between Client and Contractor, site mapping, and discussions of further project development.
2. Payment. In consideration of The Contractor's performance of these services, Client agrees to pay The Contractor on an hourly rate structure as follows:
HTML , site planning, design, etc.   $ 000/hour
Project management:   $000/hour
Administration:   $ 00/hour
Further, Client agrees to pay all of The Contractor's expenses in connection with this Engagement, including travel, supplies, equipment, and any other third party expense relating to the Engagement.
3. Invoices. The Contractor will submit invoices for all services performed and expenses incurred, payment of which is due net 20 days.
Agreed to and accepted by:
__________________ __________________
The Contractor Client Name
Dated: _______________ Dated: _______________