Client and Contractor's bill of rights
Contractors are entitled to:
  • Know what the budget range is up front
  • A complete project profile
  • A written contract
  • Have their time valued - client delays cost contractors money
  • 25-50% of the bid/estimate up front
  • Prompt payment
  • Manage the process without being micromanaged
  • Make up for their mistakes
  • Be paid for consultative work or ideas
  • Be told when they are out of the running for a job
  • Retain all appropriate rights to assets created for the site

Clients are entitled to:
  • Good estimates
  • Honest, constant communication
  • A written contract
  • Immediate notification of delays, problems, and extra expenses
  • Pay only for work authorized
  • Audit hours if paying by the hour
  • See the project as it develops
  • Reasonable turnaround and response
  • Reasonable security and privacy precautions
  • Deliverables that work as described in the contract
  • Own all appropriate rights to the site