These large groups have been around a while, and they can integrate your web site into all sorts of other media from print brochures to advertising. These agencies are equipped for large, long-term client relationships. Ltd. Proclaiming they "strive to create sites we would like to surf," has shown the Web over and over that corporate web sites can be fun. See Met Life, Sun Microsystems, American Express, British Airways, or GTE for proof.
Anderson & Lembke With offices on both coasts, Europe, and Asia, there's bound to be an Anderson & Lembke near you. Clients include Microsoft, Siebel Systems, Tandem Computers, and
Corey and Company It's comprised of three studios, each of which offer a different expertise - print and multimedia design, design for kids and broadcast design.
Dahlin Smith White Technology clients boring? DSW consistently proves that marketing for clients like Iomega, GTE , Intel, and Sybase can be creative and effective.
Holland Mark Martin This Boston-based company has a wide range of advertising clients and has made sites for Polaroid, Sun, and Scholastics (the Babysitter's Club).
Organic Online Founded in 1993, Organic Online is dedicated to building web sites alone. Organic still manages to give each client an individual approach despite their long list of clients: Nike, Harley-Davidson, Levi- Strauss, Microsoft, Netscape, Saturn, Yahoo!, Colgate-Palmolive, BigBook, Kinko's, and more.
Studio Archetype A new site for UPS, the 1998 Winter Olympics, plus a host of other award winning sites, Studio Archetype is at the forefront of effective web development.