Design Resource List:
Finding the Right Web-Design Group Successful web sites depend on making the right partnership. Both client groups and contractor groups have certain personalities, strengths, weaknesses. In the book, we talk about the two approaches to finding a web-design group: opposing forces try to maximize their own gain, while joining forces is a new paradigm for long term partnership. Guess which approach leads to better web sites?
Joining forces is a two step process:
Step 1: Narrow the field to a small number of candidates, any one of whom could do the job.
Step 2: Choose one of the candidates and agree on a budget and schedule that works for everyone.
In the book, we discuss Step 2 in detail. But we're giving you a leg up on Step1. Secrets of Successful Web Sites has chosen the groups listed below as the best contractors, designers, and artisans to create your web site. Listed for their visual rather than technical skills (excepting the engineering firms), these groups are arranged by their size: partnerships, boutiques, and agencies.
This is the "A" list. If your firm isn't on this list, don't badger us about it spend the time making killer sites! (For a more general list, check out the Portfolio or Communication Arts directories.)
Partnerships: small talented multitasking staff, huge-impact sites
Boutiques: more typical web-design group with designers, production people, project managers
Agencies: large groups that can produce your TV commercials as well as your javascript
Engineering firms: these groups program the databases that power your larger sites